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Sugar Donut Leadership Advice

Leadership advice that satisfies A national executive forum that I contribute to recently shared advice from members of a local chapter about how to be an effective second-in-command (which usually describes either … Continue reading

March 13, 2014 · Leave a comment

Breaking Bad: A Small Business Survival Guide

Curtis Guilbot, a business coach to Fortune 500 firms and entrepreneurs for 20 years, gleaned these lessons for small business owners from his favorite television series, Breaking Bad. The Heisenberg … Continue reading

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CEOs: Don’t blame your customers

Tupperware Brands’ leadership finally figured out the reason for the sliding U.S. revenues: it’s my fault. And yours. And pretty much all of America’s fault, apparently. “The USA is basically … Continue reading

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Should software really be built like Model Ts?

Is the assembly-line structure of your enterprise IT organizations threatening your job? It may be.  Here’s why: IT organizations are structured more for the benefits of accountants than for customers … Continue reading

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The 10 C-Level Leadership Roles

Over my 20 years of consulting, I’ve identified 10 discrete leadership roles (as opposed to titles) that top executive leadership must assume, regardless of who does them: 1.  Strategist Setting … Continue reading

March 2, 2013 · 1 Comment

Edge Blur: What it is and what it’s costing you

There is a tendency to believe that what other people, departments, and companies do is easier than what we do. This is a common psychological phenomenon.  When it happens it business, … Continue reading

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Software developers are the new factory workers

Factories were long the engine of American growth, and also the engine of middle-class prosperity for many.  Since the 1970s, that engine has stalled. But it’s been replaced by another: the … Continue reading

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