What is the role of the New COO (Chief Operating Officer)?

A popular article for modern COOs.

Curtis Guilbot's Blog

What does a modern COO do?  It depends. But the New COO looks a lot more like an innovative founder than the grizzled cost-cutter of yesteryear.

The New COO: Curtis Guilbot's blog Modern COOs must understand how to maximize resources, both from a bottom-line (cost savings) and top-line (innovation) perspective.

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) role is probably the highest executive role for which there is no widely-agreed, textbook definition.  Companies widely agree on the need for a  CEO, but only the largest recognize the need for a COO, and even those have very divergent descriptions for this mysterious office.  That’s a mistake that small and mid-sized businesses should correct.  A good COO can both support and free up the CEO to do their best work, while injecting much-needed fresh blood and innovation into organizations that may otherwise paint themselves into a corner.

Traditionally, the COO has been an “Op Ex guy,” squeezing operational costs and…

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