It’s ON!

Steel cage death match! Google Android vs. Apple iPhone! Only one winner: YOU, the consumer! Er, sorry. Flashed back to watching wrestling in the 1970s with my Grandpa Whaley.

My friend Kai Dupe sent me this Fast Company editorial about the iPhone. Now, it is just one person’s opinion, but these are some pretty tech-savvy opinion makers who are loudly touting the virtues of Android on HTC phones. The ones at Gizmodo, it should be noted, have a different opinion.
Whatever. It doesn’t matter which is better. What matters is that they are both great phones, with more to come. More competition means more consumer choice, and more bang for the buck. And with Microsoft’s $65 billion clawing it’s way back in the game, things will only get better. Oh, yeah- and Pre.

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