Get the heck outta here!

OMG! Have you seen this yet?!

Hardware APIs for the iPhone will enable all kinds of cool, useful, Star Trek-like devices, like the kind forecasted by this guy. And this device API may be useful for a little app that I’m writing, too. The Device is almost here.

New features
Some highlights from the OS3 demo video:

  • Spotlight Search across ALL apps on the entire phone, including:
  • Search Email, and continue search back on the server, if result not found on the iPhone
  • Cut, Copy, Paste across all apps
  • Notes Sync
  • Hardware APIs
  • WiFi auto-login
  • Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP)
  • Anti-phishing and Auto Fill on Safari
  • VPN on demand
  • Peer networking via Bluetooth and Bonjour for auto-discovery (no pairing!)
  • CalDAV and calendar subscription support
  • Undo
  • Landscape keyboard on all major Apple apps
  • Voice Memos
  • Send photos, maps, vCards, audio files, and more via MMS.

Dead phones walking: Android (DOA), Windows Mobile, PalmOS, Symbian. And all “netbooks.”

Holy cow, this is big. Not just big for Mactards like me, but big for mobile computing, and the way we think about it. Think mobile:

  • medical records
  • fitness measuring
  • password valut (already here)
  • smart wallet (who needs credit cards???)
  • passports
  • car maintenance records
  • car computer interface
  • smart home controller
  • mobile server that plugs into dumb terminal (keyboard, monitor, mouse and extra storage), either at home, work, hotel, or client site.

800 Million Downloads in 2 years
Remember Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer‘s rant about developers? Guess what, Steve? Apple’s got ’em.

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