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Smarter operations delivery

If you are a mid-level director or manager in the IT or software delivery space, then you’ve no doubt been surrounded by super-smart technical nerds and highly-paid project managers who … Continue reading

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What is the role of the New COO (Chief Operating Officer)?

Originally posted on Curtis Guilbot's Blog:
What does a modern COO do?  It depends. But the New COO looks a lot more like an innovative founder than the grizzled…

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Fuzzy-think: Curtis’ response to James Altucher’s home ownership rant

I like James Altucher’s “aww, shucks” podcast, but his post on Home Ownership is Financial Suicide is fuzzy-headed thinking.  Here’s why: Buying a home is both an emotional and a business decision. When … Continue reading

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Disappointing agile?

You can put sneakers on a brontosaurus, but that doesn’t make him agile.  Most enterprise agile transformations are sneaker-clad dinosaurs. Good luck with that execution thing! There are many agilistas … Continue reading

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Delivering enterprise software with incomplete requirements

How do Delivery Smart enterprise teams deal with missing requirements and still deliver on time and budget? Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work with Big Data teams, those … Continue reading

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Revisiting Barbarians at the Gates: You be the judge

NOTE: I always urge my clients to reflect on their major decisions every 1-2 years. This blog was originally posted on March 2013, in response to this CNBC article. Now, some … Continue reading

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Why scrum doesn’t work in the enterprise

Some Fortune 50 clients recently spent a few million on training their development staff in “enterprise scrum” with a well-known author/trainer in the field. There were posters everywhere, town hall meetings (which were expensive all-day affairs, since this was a global company), a gung-ho spirit among many department managers. Guess what happened?

June 7, 2014 · 2 Comments